NIH Data and Resource Sharing Policy

The complete NIH Data Sharing Policy is available on the NIH website at Below is a summary of our sharing policy as it pertains to the DECIPHER Project.

Terms of Data and Resource Sharing

Cellecta’s primary mission is to provide life science researchers complete access to data and tools in the form of publicly available databases, algorithms, standard kits, and custom services that were developed during the course of Phase II SBIR Grant studies (NCRR RR024095, NHGRI HG003355). Based on the results of Phase II studies, the following public shared resources are now available via the DECIPHER Project:

  • Pooled Lentiviral barcoded shRNA libraries
  • Sequences of functional shRNA for human and mouse genes
  • Related software tools

User registration is required in order to access or download files. As part of the registration process, users must agree to the conditions of use governing access to the public data, including restrictions to commercial use and redistribution of the information to third parties. Registered users will receive user support, additional product information, and will be required to provide proper acknowledgment of the data resources and NIH as a supporting organization for their project. Use of freely available resources provided through the DECIPHER Project requires all users to adhere to the following rules:

  • The user agrees to provide a copy of any manuscript to be presented at symposia, international, national, or regional professional meetings or to be published in journals, theses, or dissertations, or otherwise published through any means that incorporates information relating to any of the resources listed above or improvements made by user to Cellecta at least 30 days after publication.
  • The user agrees to provide appropriate acknowledgment of the source of the resources in all publications: “[–Insert name of resource–] was/were kindly provided and developed by Cellecta based on NIH-funded research grant support 44RR024095, 44HG003355”
  • Any data or results generated by user in the course of a project conducted using DECIPHER Pooled shRNA Libraries must be deposited in the public resource database developed by Cellecta or by Third Party affiliated with Cellecta. Deposition of data must be performed in a format required by Cellecta within a six (6) month time frame after publication of data in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Without written consent from Cellecta, the user may NOT use resources or its progeny for commercial purposes or to share with third parties.

Use of DECIPHER Pooled shRNA Libraries is covered by a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). The Order Form and MTA can be downloaded from the Support page.