Current shRNA Library Projects

Open Source Bi-Specific Synthetic Lethality (SL) DDR shRNA Libraries

A promising direction in the development of anti-cancer drugs with high specificity and low toxicity is the possibility of inhibiting the functions of synthetically lethal (SL) (synergistic) DNA Damage and Repair (DDR) drug targets that are specifically modulated in cancer development. We have developed the technology for the construction of novel bi-specific pooled lentiviral shRNA libraries designed for the combinatorial knockdown of any two targets in a set of rationally selected genes.

The Bi-Specific SL DDR Pooled Lentiviral shRNA Libraries in plasmid format and the necessary software to decipher the raw data are provided to academic and non-profit researchers under MTA at no charge. Please visit the Bi-Specific SL DDR shRNA Libraries page for more information.

DECIPHER Project Pooled shRNA Libraries

DECIPHER libraries are barcoded lentiviral shRNA libraries optimized for RNAi Genetic Screens in pooled format. They are made to cover nearly the entire annotated human gene set and most annotated mouse gene set. Lentiviral shRNA libraries were chosen over synthetic siRNA collections for their advantages in cancer research, specifically for the ability to efficiently transduce a range of cell types, including non-dividing cells, and for the highly effective long-term gene silencing. The pooled format screens follow a simple protocol and do not require access to expensive high-throughput arrayed screen equipment and infrastructure, putting large-scale pooled shRNA knockdown screens within reach of any researcher.

Please visit the Cellecta website for additional information on the DECIPHER shRNA Libraries.